The incorporation of the Moduleworks technology shows Alphacam’s commitment to the complex Advanced 5 axis market. Enhancements to Essential Machining Styles functionality has been added to all Essential modules. Improved Raster to Vector add-in incorporates a new engine, providing much better results. Automation Manager includes enhancements to simplify the workflow, including multi-drill control, new styles functionality, and further support for additional CAD file formats. This overcomes the issue of small parts moving during the nesting process, reducing material wastage and improving part quality. This is an essential addition to support the many combination Saw and Jet machines in the market.

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Steep and shallow areas of parts detected allowing for different strategies to be adopted, such as a smaller tool step-over in a steeper gradient to that used in a shallow area.

For more information, please visit www. When enabled, this Add-ins Dialog will only be displayed if the opened drawing file already contains some Notes.

Users can customise the ribbon bar by adding their own favourites. For more information on these devices, please visit www. Alphacam also offers you the latest front end CAD part modelling facilities via our solid modeller.

Combined Pocketing and Finishing Pocket area clearance and finish contour machining can now be combined into a single machining operation.

Alphacam Product History

Aggregate Support Horizontal aggregates for machining parts such as hinge reliefs and lock mortices, are easy to control using Alphacam. The company takes the time to thoroughly understand customer needs and goals. Using the View Comparison function compares the part with the machining operations meaning manufacturers can see whether there is any stock pluus, and allows them to select an alternative or extra machining operation.


A new field has been added to the Threading dialog called Rapid Distance above Part.


This improves the surface finish and extends the tool life. This can be used as the stock material for a 3D Z Contour Roughing operation. Users can now create a library of toolholders.

Support tags can be added automatically to any contour tool path including 5-axisallowing the part to stay attached to the material being machined.

Latest Alphacam release focuses on automation

The tool and holder will be displayed, if applicable. Common applications of aggregates are horizontal routing and drilling.

And, when change inevitably occurs, it also offers complete plant liquidation. Automatic exclusion of flat areas on parts allowing for flat rather than ball ended cutters to be used. Solidworks Assembly Support considerably speeds up processing. The focus has been on helping manufacturers drive down costs, by speeding up their design and production processes, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Pocket area clearance and finish contour machining can now be combined into a single machining operation. Loaded profiles are placed onto a work plane automatically. A command in the Rough Finish cycle — Previous Tool Profile — automatically uses the profile of the previous tool to generate the new tool akphacam to machine corners where form and shaped tools have left material there.


Over 32 years of involvement in plant modernizations; plant layout, LEAN concept consulting, ergonomic and environmental solutions have allowed JKL Machinery to alpjacam the expertize to understand and integrate rapidly-changing technologies and manufacturing methods.

The Input Cad Dialog now has a new “Assemblies” tab containing options to save and align every Solid Body to individual part files with configurable Save Location and Naming Conventions. Rendered clamps and fixtures can also be shown on a full machine configuration. New Waveform 3D Roughing Machining Strategy This new roughing strategy is a high speed machining technique that maintains a constant tool cutting load by ensuring the tool engagement into the material is consistent.

Do you need more information? Tweet Share Share Share Share. Standard fixtures can be created and saved within the system and inserted on to work planes when required, providing significant time savings.

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Also, layer assignment has been added to the drive surface. C-axis aggregates are also supported in Alphacam simulation. Parts can be selected from the screen or a kit of parts, their orientation fixed if grain direction needs to be maintained or rotated to any angle.