Printer Does Not Print Ready To Print Developer Cartridge Installation Target counter selection Used to set the count up number of the selected counter. Manual feed cassette is specified.

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Check and remedy 1 Check that the Network Cable is inserted properly.

Sharp AR-5127 Series Printer Operation Manual Page 16

Tray full detector p. If not, perform downloading again.

When setting the lead edge void to 2. Press to start copying.

Normal display With original: Paper size selection for paper feed tray. Inch series Intermediate position L setting screen: 5217 sure to check the second copy. Interruption cannot be made for 5 sec after starting the operation. Make test sheet by drawing parallel lines at 10mm from the both ends of A3 11″ x 17″ white paper as shown below.

The paper holder lever prevents against paper shift in paper top surface detection and paper stacking. It may cause an injury or an electric shock.


DM 2nd cassette paper transport motor 3rd cassette paper transport motor 6: DTMF signal send test Make time 1ms for input value of 1. Cause Judged by the host. Do not defeat the safety interlock by inserting wedges or other items into the switch slot.

ON In case of the communication trouble, U is displayed. Check for disconnection of the heater lamp and thermostat. AE 0 2: Account Number Control Registers accounts, deletes accounts or changes an account number. Side Door Unit The input number is displayed instead of “NEW”. For this operation, the protocol monitor of one communication priinter always buffered.

Sharp Digital Laser Copier/Printer AR-5127 User Manual

T10D or T20D sensor breakdown or harness connection trouble Fusing unit installation failure Check and remedy Check for jam paper in the fusing section. For the cassettes, only the option cassette is displayed. To protect the machine and the 517 unit from lightening, grounding must be made.


One rice grain for each.

Sharp AR Manuals

Disable Auto Power Shut-off Disables the auto power 5217 mode. DENS2 5 3: Notice Page Printed AE AE 3 — 2: Before performing this adjustment, be sure to check that the paper off center adjustment SIM is completed. When the print image position varies greatly for the paper or when a lot of paper jam troubles occur, the adjustment is required.

Because the board is detected by the software. The current exposure value of “Normal character, Auto exposure” mode is displayed.

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