Simple pro lighting and use tips let you snap stunning photos. Bundles that include this product. This is also the first Nikon digital camera that I have reviewed, so did the Coolpix impress me with both its cutting-edge features and overall design? D-Lighting’s effect on images is generally pretty subtle, as you can see from the two examples above borrowed from my review of the Coolpix – The function works identically on the You access it in playback mode by pressing and holding down the center button of the multi-controller on the camera’s back panel. Behind the Shutter button, this ribbed dial selects the camera’s main operating mode. Relative to the , the Nikon offers essentially the same exposure features and lens, but with a smaller 5.

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Relative to thethe Nikon offers essentially the same exposure features and lens, but with a smaller 5.

While nobody doubts the quality of Nikon’s optics, the meagre collpix. The camera comes with a slim EN-EL5 lithium-ion battery and a charger. A Mode dial on top of the camera controls the operating mode, with four preset modes Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Night Portraita Scene mode for selecting from among a range of 12 other specific shooting situations, an Auto setting, and Movie and Setup modes.

As always though, keep in mind that the digital zoom simply enlarges the center pixels of the CCD, resulting in lower image quality.

The one downside to the ‘s approach though, is that the post-processing that the camera uses to search for and remove any remaining red-eye takes an appreciable amount of time, resulting in a rather long delay before you can capture the next shot. Perfect for novice users or anyone looking for a point-and-shoot camera with a slick look, a few extra features, great ease of use, and sharp, colorful photos, the Coolpix could also serve as a great take-anywhere snapshot camera for more advanced shooters.


Zoom W and T Buttons: Nikon has been striving to improve the results from simple digital point-and-shoot cameras for some time now, with innovations such as in-camera red-eye removal. From a feature standpoint, the Nikon Coolpix is similar to its cousin, the Coolpixand also similar to the earlier Coolpix Though the camera body has a few protrusions, they’re slight enough to avoid catching on pockets, especially when combined with the smooth contours that define the camera.

This allows you to easily track movement and fire off two frames per second, until the buffer of 17 shots is full or your battery is exhausted – which ever comes first.

Carry on reading to find out.

Nikon Coolpix 5900

The overall design of the remains the same as many of Nikon’s compacts of recent years, with a grip on the left-hand side and the mode dial easily accessible on the top. Though the Cooplix monitor provides more accurate framing, it also decreases battery life.

Indicated by an icon of a person in front of a star, this mode is for twilight and dusk portraits. The Scene position of the Mode dial provides access to 12 preset “scenes,” which optimize the camera for what would normally be more difficult shooting situations.

This won’t likely be a problem for most Coolpix users, though, given the point-and-shoot orientation of the camera. Nikon Coolpix Review Date: Show less Show more.

Digital Cameras – Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

If coolpic image has been enlarged in Playback mode, pressing the center button lets you save the portion of the image in the frame as a separate file.


These tools make the Coolpix extremely flexible coolpixx a variety of conditions, providing almost worry-free operation. Our Verdict Building on the successes of the previous models, the Nikon CoolPix is an outstanding all-round package. Quick start video CD Instruction manuals and registration kit.

There’s also a Multi-Shot 16 mode, which captures 16 thumbnail images in sequence, arranged in rows of four within a full-sized image. A lot of “lost” images can be recovered with an inexpensive, easy to use piece of software though.

The remaining external controls are all located on the camera’s rear panel, along with the 2. The technology coolix be complex but it’s very simple to use, and often restores disappointing images by literally bringing the subjects’ faces out of the shadows. The CoolPix was announced at the same time as its more powerful 7.

With its diminutive dimensions, the Coolpix is great for travel, and the range of preset shooting and framing modes anticipates most common shooting coolpic.

About this product Product Information Coolpix provides an impressive 5. Movie mode captures moving images at 30 frames per second for as long as the memory card has available space. Nikon D D Be the first to write a review. Indoors, the metering system worked hand-in-hand with the flash and the focus-assist lamp to ensure the compact hit the mark and didn’t wash out the snaps.