But the real-time performance is still nice to have. A brand new DV Storm seems to be hard to get in any country. Roger Averdahl June 2nd, , Never happened to me. If you use batch capture to redigitize that clip, guess what happens.

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For that matter, Matrox didn’t have to release Premiere Pro 2. I prefer to edit than ediuss trying to find what causes the error “Updating Timeline”, etc, etc, etc, etc X10, basicly a RT.

DXV Gas Fireplace Inserts by Mendota

A Standard DV Project doubles instantly. It creates a truly spectacular log fire that will add excitement to your room. Using PPro without a Matrox card, there is none!

This can be very frustrating if you are cutting a music video or you have to finish your project asap. Press Play and you will see that it takes approx 0. Later Matrox went to ther RTX series and things did not get any better.


X – System recommendations http: Edius does a decent job of editing DV footage in real time with no rendering required for either on-screen or firewire output, and that’s without any special hardware card on today’s faster computers.

X user and frankly, I don’t know what “many functions” you are referring to. Many people report problems with Matrox. See Our Fire in Action Click to watch video. That really isn’t that many. But you got the message in later posts.

Each individual has to decide if the trade offs are rvx it for them. I makes things easier since many errors are directly or indirectly related to the Matrox card.

If you buy a Matrox card, be prepared for trouble. Yes, this has been a problem some have experienced.

Five DXV Series Models Available

Roger Averdahl June 2nd, How long will Matrox provide the card with drivers? I, too, have encountered a few bugs when using the Matrox RT.

Playback in a Standard DV Project starts instantly. When you launch PPro agian: It features a huge 26″ x 40″ fireview. In your case they obviously weren’t. I began my business with a Matrox RT and Premiere 6. Some of these things are very minor flaws, but all togheter with sometimes crappy support i dont think its worth all the trouble with the card. The massive DXV60 direct vent gas fireplace is designed for today’s large homes with great rooms that would dwarf a standard gas fireplace.


Matrox has not released drivers for PPro 2. If you do a lot of color correction like I do you edisu save time using an RT. X-cards work with Premiere only.

Sometimes the problem is the card itself and can not be solved I wouldn’t necessarily read anything into that. Since Matrox has released this new board I don’t know how much longer they will support the RT.

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