A new battery and buttons in the lower bar, and a new USB connection picture here Another battery option And one more battery Editing the buttons, and remove the non-working item “bluetooth”. Carefully laid in a box:. Provide case, of course, unpretentious, but it protects the gadget from damage during transportation. With moderate external light to use the device quite comfortably. Topic with no curator. In the center of the panel is the Sony logo and the certification marks.

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The tablet can be hold in one hand because it has light weight — grams.

From all the above we can conclude that the device with the appearance and ergonomics, everything is in order. For ultrabudgetary devices they can be classified as good.

Explay Informer 702

Explay Informer – Firmware OS 4. If the subject is, a user who wants to become a curator and the corresponding Requirements for candidates He can apply for in the subject line I want to be curator After having studied the cap threads and all the materials for supervisors. Due to the lack of appropriate sensor automatic adjustment comfortable level of brightness at Informer missing.

Slightly removed from the group the reset button reset. In daily operation, the device prizadumatsya a bit, but overall works quite quickly. AVG Firmware and description recall About firmware from ya.


This can be considered a small step back, Informer looks a lot more attractive. Firmware download from the site explay Firmware from Teclast official And alternative links with People 2. In firmware mode In the recovery mode with micro-sd. The manufacturer claims that the device can work up to eight hours without recharging.

Recovery for Android 2. There is no status For those who want to flash, or have already sewn, or just purchased the device, and do not want to stitch. Enter the firmware and recovery mode without pressing buttons.

The results obtained are listed in the table. Home March 12 Tablets Explay Informer Leave comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Before you ask a question!

Explay Informer – Firmware (OS ) –

As is usually the case with low-cost tablets, the manufacturer embeds only one camera — front, for web conferencing, and with a tiny matrichnoi — from 0. The right exp,ay of the tablet is empty.

Gadget copes with video playback of any resolution up to Full HD — thanks to hardware decoder. Prior to the appointment of the curator, on the filling cap, please contact moderators section through a button a message that you need to add links.

The back side of the box is decorated with much more modest: However they are quite enough for comfortable work with your tablet. Excellent keeps the battery and everything else, I’m happy.


Explay Informer – Firmware Post I made a microSD according to the instructions in linuxwhich seems to be in the firmware mode to enter, explqy the device with this card does not give any signs of life inserted the cable – there is no reaction, the power is pinched – also silence, rezetil, tore off the battery and again inserted – silence. The advantages also could be considered good for its class performance and overall reasonable arrangement of the housing.

This is about the way to launch from a flash drive. In most cases it helps to reset the settings to the standard, but if you changed the system files, only flashing will help.

SovGVD, I also informe not always want a tablet to load from the card, so do not be surprised, but about the firmware such question: Explay Informer explsy Firmware Post Firmware from Teclast, it is recommended to put a modified from ya.