Last time you didn’t, because you got this error message: Khushi Simply 12 June at My code is as below; import java. Just focus on JDBC and get that working. Driver this type error showing in my program

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If still issue persist, then please revert back. Rupali, could you please UseCodeTags next time?

This is one of that kind of things that can be a challenge for beginners but, at last, is really simple, easy and fast to do. Adding the other file from microsoft errors out completely. My program is below:.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Class name is wrong or classpath is not set for: Gopal krishnan 20 January at Try com.mhsql.jdbc.driver answer provided for this question: If you are going to handle database connections yourself instead of delegating that job to the servlet container, then you need to put the database driver’s jar file into your web application.


I have explicitly added mysql-connector-java Please explain the same. At any rate your first step is to classnptfoundexception which database you’re actually going to use.

ClassNotFoundException and that huge list of error: Piyush Mundada 13 June at Classnotfoundexceotion Thank u again. Especially when combined with this one: Make sure you have mysql-connector-java-bin. Please don’t ask questions if you don’t intend to read the answers you get.

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It works for me. Actually I am taking a course on Web Services and the instructor has that setup which I am trying to build on my personal machine for practice. So far you have asserted that you are using three different databases. Set the next additional properties: Does this mean you haven’t even downloaded the JDBC driver yet?

ClassNotFoundException with MySql and Netbeans (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

I found a solution to same. And where do you need to put that jar? Once that is working, its a fairly small step to servlets.


Piyush Mundada 8 March at Can you please post your class and exact issue log so that I can provide exact solution on same. No, you don’t have to set the classpath for your servlet container.

Hi, I am getting following exceptionwhen i am trying to connect to oracle database. It is working fine now. I have done all the steps,but it still shows ‘ java.

Just deploy the database driver jar as part of your application as I described. You have now a connection pool called MyDatabase. Anonymous 10 April at Problem in connecting MySql with Servlets.