I have an old hp deskjet c, has worked fine for some years. I have tried 2 other cartridges with same result. Go into the printer properties and clear out all the print jobs. No way to make it reprint a document once it’s done. On the Clamshell I get error message Blot the cartridge nozzles on a damp paper towel.

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But your explanation got me there. I have reinstalled the driver, reset the cartridge, removed all tape etc.

When I switched it back to the Clamshell, it also worked ok at first. My printer won’t print yellow, or any other color that has yellow in it. The number of the cartiage. The empty cartridge does not have ink flow at all, so it’s a good control.

Thanks Bert, That didn’t help. Xthen HP Deskjet your printer series vX. The correct steps for opening the Toolbox depend 812cc what and how the printer driver was installed. Have you tried printing from more than one application?

The black is working fine and the print is nice and clear but no color.


I thought it was set on. Thursday, March 22, 5: I’ve had the C for several years, no problem. They prey on our fear of sleepless nights trying to fix potentially pervasive system problems on our computer,introduced by an incompatible driver.

How can I cancel a job that is stuck in the memory of the hp deskjet c? Perhaps a Mac person will see it and offer help.

Printer – HP – HP DeskJet 812C Drivers Download

Riffling the edges can put a static charge on the paper, refer to previous paragraph if you have an urge to riffle. No belts are broken, all the lights flash constantly and the printer px work. I’ve tested it with color bars and the other two colors work fine. You need HP cartridges 15 black and 23 color. Follow-up to my question But it would have been good to know just in case something in the future were to happen.

Edge welds Humidity or static Bad or dirty separation pad Bend the pile of checks in 81c2 a “U” shape before putting them in the printer, this will help if 8112c have edge welds.


What could be on my computer that would prevent yellow from being printed? I did uninstall and then reinstall Acrobat Reader and deleted Acrobat folders left in my Programs folder. God bless you Dennis Conway. Click File and Properties.

Microsoft Update Catalog

Removing the right cover 1. If your test print is the one coming from the printer, make sure that the cable between the computer and printer sp connected properly. Here is the support document that provides steps on the workaround: There I just saved you some money: Today when printing pages off the internet, the print is either about 5 inches high or all squashed over to one side of the paper.

Cleaned contacts still nothing. That usually results in the printer loosing track of just where the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly is actually at.

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