Posted July 1, Smoothing is important here, so make sure you again, tune to feel. Overview Features Cars World Media. However if the game requested 20Nm of torque, then the AccuForce will only be able to do If you’ve gotten to this screen, then you should audition for Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Device. As it reads, you shouldn’t use it. Please enable Javascript in your browser!

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Adding friction simulates your steering wheel running out of grease, adding constant resistance no matter which way or how fast or slow you turn it. This a good thing.

Posted September 6, However not too savy with figuring wiring out. The forum is fully lock down and only accessible to people to own the wheel.

I know I saw some threads last year about this exact issue, I accufofce there was a specific fix. Posted March 26, Did windows find and install the accuforce drivers when windods first turned on the unit? This wizard is meant to help you, but it certainly doesn’t work miracles. These sub settings can help the game produce more car like vibrations instead of playing selected theme songs from Alfred Hichcock movies.


I am aslo located in Ohio.

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. As soon as i delete the AF control profile, the framerate goes back up again https: This functionality has previously been available only to the most well funded race accufirce. However, if you’ve found a way to configure your AccuForce wheel for Pirate Ship Simulatoryou can set the range up to degrees!

The “Soft” mode is not plotted because the 10 minutes of testing I saved from omitting it were better spent watching cats on YouTube. How do I get rid of this. Getting Started With the Sim Commander 4. Or at least share a profile and let me know which one it is open wheeler like formula 2. Or sign in with one of these services.

Smoothing is important here, so make sure you again, tune to feel. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service

Jan 12, 8. The included Sim Commander 4 Software provides varying levels of tuning capability to suit both novice and professional simulator users.

Jan 6, 2. The only other thing I can think of is a hardware conflict or a poor connection in the AF cables.


AccuForce Pro V2 – Complete | AccuForce Pro V2 Steering System Complete

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Be careful with this setting as too high of a value might create accucorce effect where the wheel literally bounces back with full force.

LOL sorry my friend I have no idea what that means. Then perhaps, it might not be a bad idea to add some inertia to simulate it having weight. You can always add some later, but it will more difficult to figure out what you’ll want when this setting is taking effect as it can eliminate detail FFB.

Otherwise, you’ll kill the fidelity of the wheel. Alternative to Game Feedback. Please enable Javascript in your browser! No matter what car. It is generally not recommended to use this mode, and is not any stronger than the Responsive mode.

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