That should prevent accidents while typing long messages for now. Falcon1 mike-valk wrote on I own a Dell Inspiron 15r n too, but the patch doesn’t work for me neither. Once it is working upstream you can always drop the patch downstream. My Latitude E has Ubuntu Certificate too ;?

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[PATCH 3/4] Fix “pointer jumps to corner of screen” problem on ALPS Glidepoint touchpads.

I was looking for a better driver to be able to use advanced touchpad features like two-finger scrolling, pinch zooming and twist rotate. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

It can be found here. But maybe I was just lucky the last half hour Comment 16 Josh Boyer On my Dell Latitude E, for example, scrolling works, but there is on way I can change any of the touchpad settings due to the wrong recognition of the touchpad as a mouse. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on The patch above for that seems to be working for other people has alls resolved my situation.

ALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD./Manufacturer of Electronic Components/Parts Catalog

Comment 41 Josh Boyer Hi, I still get some touchpad-less moments, but a USB mouse works just fine. One criticism is that because the pointing stick depends on the user’s applying pressure, it can cause hand cramps although this can be partly solved by setting the sensitivity higher and lifting the finger when the pointer is not being moved.


Comment 23 Josh Boyer They should show up with the next submitted update on the stable releases, and in rawhide tomorrow-ish. Probably something related with the nvidia prop driver. Anthony Batchelor toeknee wrote on In the event that this is in fact not a patch you can resolve this situation by removing the tag ‘patch’ from the bug report and editing the attachment so that it is not flagged as a patch.

A pointing stick can be used by pushing with the fingers in the general direction the user wants the cursor to move. Comment 64 Mateus Luvison Nothing but right, left click and moving cursor works Expected results: For my pointter a Dell Precision M seems to work correctly although it would be bad a cleanup.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I erase my system without saving and now missed about it.

It seems a lot of people have this. Comment 39 Josh Boyer In either case, I couldn’t get it to work that way, even with adding sleep 10 before the command. Now the problem is that our change above is not persistent across reboots. On a side note, the kernel registers it twice.


Alps PS/2 – Gentoo Wiki

Yes, you will go insane if you don’t fix it. Even after installing the proprietary DELL driver, the multi-finger now works, but still no tab. Keep in mind the fix from http: Before you even start trying to build psmouse. Clark Evans suggests in Bug that this bug is not a duplicate of that one, and is likely to be a duplicate of Bug Email me about changes to this bug report.

I have a Dell Inspiron 15r n as well. Please edit ypur post and clarify what these codes do and why it is a vaid solution.