Options Quote message in reply? But the EECIV likes to alter tip-in timing and fuel, and this accel feature is an easy way to get around it. Well, click on that and delete it, type in something like “WB” or “Wideband. This can become expensive-what habit doesn’t? I have been told to avoid the cross-over junction, but I have never seen a wideband placed there so I have no direct experience on how that would impact the readings. That is when the blower fuel and timing tables are to be used. This will leave you with So you will have 18 degrees.

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Anderson Ford Motorsport inmector used Dynojet dyno for 20 years, and we’ve performed nearly 20, runs on it, giving us the experience to know how to create the best tune for your Mustang build. Overheating can be a problem.

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It all depends on what you have. You will see the Conversion File creator open.

Mustang PMS Programmer – Piggyback Stride

Now, in the andersln left corner you’ll see the Set Points. Knowing this, it is easy to tune if you know how much timing you want. New datalogging software-which will allow recording of all the parameters you can see in the monitor screens to a computer for anal-ysis after a run or dyno pull-is coming for the new PMS as well.


You just add or subtract fuel and timing using percentages for fuel and degrees for timing. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Best Match Best Match. injectof

Now, open the program, and open the monitor. Stay clear of the junction of the pipies.

Anderson PMS, PMAS MAF, 42lb injectors

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Apparently, just turning on the stand-alone feature provides enough consistency in the timing curve to pick up power on a stock 4. Well, let’s say your mass air meter calibration and fuel-injector flow rates don’t match because you ran over your mass air in the pits and had to borrow a meter from another racer. With higher rpms, the recover will shorten in duration.

All the new stuff is cool, but the familiar Standalone mode has been improved as well.

Nov 29, 14, 47 Boca Raton, Florida www. Brand see all Brand. Don’t cut the wire too close to the PMS connector!


Regardless of the PMS model, you can make this work for you. Refine more Format Format.

anderson pms | eBay

My recommendations are not set in stone! This shouldn’t deter you from using the accel feature, as most of the time its usefulness is in the lower rpms. So should you consider the PMS for your 4. You can use the Insert key to create more cells. Media New media Search media. Get Print Get Digital. A comprehensive, compact gauge package, this screen is helpful to watch during dyno tuning.

P.M.S.-How To’s, User Guides, Tuning Tips, Articles.

How To’s Needed Please. This gets rid of the hard starting with 42lb injectors or bigger. Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery. Brandon and Melissa Trepanier have been all-Ford since the first date.

If not adjust WOT T. Warm the car up to operating temperature do this with a drive.