With about minutes runtime the Eee S also has a reasonable mobility. Furthermore, the look of the part around the hinges at the bottom edge of the screen was improved. A simple rule of thumb: Asus equips the Eee PC S with a In addition the SD card reader is populated with a 16 GB memory card.

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Also the used materials play an important role in the Eee PC’s change asuss image. However, you can enjoy clear and fully sounding music via the 3. So, the Eee S is also relatively ready for use on-the-move. The only difference, which might maybe cause troubles, is the look of the keyswhich now shows metallic particles.

A good internet connection with big bandwidth is required to reach an appropriate upload speed.

Although this harmonizes well with the look of the Eee S and really looks good in daylight, it harbours an inconspicious danger. The surface temperatures, which hardly exceed 30 degrees Celsius, always stay in the green too.

Review Asus Eee PC S101 Mini-Notebook

Because a lithium-polymer battery was chosen, it could be very thin, and so there was enough space for it in the front part of the a41 unit on the bottom side. On the one hand the brightness of the screen is too low to also illuminate the keyboard, on the other had this netbook does, not much to our surprise, not have a separate keyboard light. Except of a low illumination it could especially not convince in bright environments, e.


The other interfaces, e.

ASUS-JM S41 SSD ATA Device Drivers

Full low tones are complete missing. Left and right of the case are a total of three USB 2. With the current design Asus is right on the target. Also the viewing angle stability does not belong to the advantages of this screen. Although the touchpad buttons got a simpler look and are now made of a continuous key bar, this is not ideal in practice, because there is an annoying dead band in the middle of the bar, which blocks the buttons on imprecise hit.

Lovely animated ‘Goo-Balls’ could be joined together without problems until they were finally sucked off into the measuring glass. The offered connectivity is not a surprise at all. Because of its attracting look, it might probably fly out the shelves in superstores, where customers can no longer resist its charm.

PassMark – ASUS-JM S41 SSD – Price performance comparison

It recognizes multiple simultaneous touches and enhances therewith the possible ways of input. A new concept for the power supply allowed an important change in case design.

The Asus Eee S achieved a runtime of minutesthat is nearly 5 hours, in BatteryEater Readers, representing the maximum battery life to be expected.


Despite of a very low total weight of slightly above one kilogram the Eee S convinces by a runtime of hoursthanks to being equipped with a lithium-polymer battery. The keyboard is the same also used in the Eee H, but with a different look.

Considering key size and layout the Eee S apparently uses the same keyboard unit than the Eee PC Hbut with an essential difference. So, this mini notebook is hardly audible most of the time. This gives a maximum possible contrast of From the same manufacturer: Currently such powerful storage devices cost at least — jmm. It especially focuses on those who consider design important. Often the question arises, whether netbooks are completely unable to run games or whether games are probably still possible.

A simple rule of thumb: For further information about this please read the section about performance. However, this is hardly audible in idle mode recorded noise level: Transflective displays are the exception to the rule.