Retrieved July 5, I was waiting for my gf to finish trying on every piece of clothing in sight at the mall yesterday, and ended up in the Bose store. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. The Computer MusicMonitor system was judged to have a convenient small size, but sub-standard audio quality for the price. Feb 2, Posts: You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. The MM3 can operate on battery power.

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Bose MediaMate Computer Mp3 Speakers | eBay

Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: I doubt it, the Media Mates do sound like crap on an absolute scale, they just aren’t bad compared to cheap computer speakers. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8, Another design change was the redesign of the floor-mounted Acoustimass module, replacing the metal circular speaker grille with a larger, square-shaped metal speaker grille.

Most Bose crap still sounds better then the vast majority of computer speakers Klipsch and Logitech included, not included are the Diamond S2 s, the nice Videologic ones, the Divas and a few other higher end ones.

I was waiting for my gf to finish trying on every piece of clothing in sight at the mall yesterday, and ended up in the Bose store. P I got mine before powered subs were even out for computers, and still use them to this day on my 2nd computer, so yeah, I’d say that they’re good speakers. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Watch it live here Mobile by John Falcone Nov 8, They’re also small and good to take to LAN games.


Jun 15, Posts: They give me MUCH better mid-reproduction than those klipsches, btw. Jan 30, Posts: Solsman Dec 6, While in most cases I would say to avoid Bose completely, if you really need something small, those aren’t too bad. Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: Driver Details 1st speaker Driver Type.

The Bose MM-2 was a 2. DC power compyter, audio line-in, headphones. The little Aiwa setup probably sounds a good bit better then the Bose Mediamates, not the other way around.

The current line-up covers a range of speakers between compact 2. Audio System Designed for.

Fri May 17, 2: Bose released the Companion 3 computer speakers during A newer release by the name of Companion 50 has released targeting the Europe and Asia Pacific market, this model is said to be the replacement of companion 5 but in the US market, companion 5 is still available for purchase. Speaker Compjter System Components. Early units are also reported to have a buzzing noise after they are left on for a certain period of time.


Smart Home by Rick Broida Nov 27, The Series 2 featured a new seaker, replacing the round, metal speaker grilles with larger, rectangular metal speaker grilles that integrated the master volume control into the right powered wpeaker, similar to that of Bose’s Media Mate system of the late s and early s.

Bose MediaMate Computer Speakers – Computer Gray Overview – CNET

Retrieved July 5, I have two pairs, and I used to work for bose. The best deals you can still get You can still get discounts on Amazon devices and more. To view a copy of this license visit http: Released compuetrthis system consists of 2 satellite speakers and a wired control unit called “control pod” by Bose.

Archived from the original on June 30, They have dual inputs and two sources such as a CD player and a computer game to be played simultaneously, with a dial to adjust the relative level of the two sources.