Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. In view of the C’s noisy matrix, the macro mode won’t work well when shooting indoors either – without flash you’ll keep getting blurry snaps, and turning flash on will make the camera smear up some details. But let’s stop right here, since this is not quite what this article is all about, and get straight to the most interesting part – image samples. Write a customer review. This works quite smartly too.

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Sony Ericsson C Review – Camera, Multimedia and Software

I can cleary see with my own eyes that renoir’s photos are better. I wish this feature was more common place.

Sony Ericsson C view full specs. W-series for songs quality n more option in every angle n for C only camera somehow quality n battry consoption. Undefined terms, sloppy wording that is inaccurate, features not mentioned and other features with major subfeatures missing. Terms and Conditions apply. As for Pixon I can see bad autofocus work photos are blured at the edges and overbrightened image in total.

Web services such as Flickr will automatically use the data so that you can plot your pics on a map. There’s plenty of ammo so we’re in for one exciting shooting challenge. Typical mobile colour effects and frames can be added too. Please contact the seller for specific warranty information. People will probably scoff that the C is too large, as we did at first. The numberpad buttons on the slider are large enough, though they do feel a tad spongey for really speedy texting.


Pitched as a camera replacement rather than just camera phone, this phone has a lot to live up to.

Sony Ericsson C905 Review

Against Heavyweight design, and not slim No smartphone functionality No touchscreen control Numberpad buttons slightly heavy for fast texting Control buttons quite close together Video capture quality limited Motion sensor doesn’t work with all functions Bewt earphones are average No 3. On the other hand, running a similar comparison between the Ki and C won’t give you the same impression. The A-GPS system works effectively, though, and is fairly quick to get a positional fix when fired up.

Significant improvements in image quality will come along in 10 Mpix cameras with decent lenses; on the other hand, some of today’s solutions, such as the Samsung INNOV8 already offer some of that higher-grade experience.

Sony Ericsson C | TechRadar

As far as the Exmor’s competition goes, both OmniVision’s which are about to start shipping and will trump Sony’s offerings on many fronts bezt Samsung’s matrices seem more fetching. Packing in a class-topping 8. But let’s stop right here, since this is not quite what this article is all about, and get straight to the most interesting part – image samples.

But there’s more to a camera than image quality. Please login or register. This is an international version: Breaking down the image quality we look for resolved detail, dynamic range, color accuracy, internal image processing and lens quality.


Among the more detailed settings you can switch on an image stabiliser, and usefully, there’s an Add Position option for geo-tagging pics with the aid of the A-GPS system — so you can view them superimposed over a map of where they were taken on the phone’s Google Maps app, or on a suitable online service or desktop application.

The display is a decently-sized 2. With a rubber feel and metal casing, plus scratch resistant glass covering the screen, it feels reassuringly bext built, and the numberpad slider mechanism is smoothly sprung and sturdy. So, basically, Sony Ericsson won’t have enough wiggle room with their latest and greatest C The camera interface is easy to understand and you can adjust several settings, such as the flash, white balance and focus, among others, with just a few clicks.

That’s why it’s safe to say that the C will follow in cameta footsteps of the Ki. We’ve changed, we promise. For xamera information please visit the Sony Ericsson website. A goodly selection of shooting adjustments can me made to the responsive auto metering system. Shame on c9905 SE.