You can slow down the playback speed to accomplish this task and it works well. Praskins, I have read your comments so would like your suggestion Anonymous December 31, at 1: Anonymous February 9, at If you decide to make a purchase after clicking on link below, I have arranged a big discount for you direct with eMedia for their educational software and that discount price is displayed through this link only!

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The rule of thumb is that if, for example, a digital piano has polyphony ofit can play up to 64 stereo notes at any one time before it must drop notes to allow new ones to sound.

It is nice to be able to play and at the same time not disturbing my neighbours. Also, the Yamaha P35 has been replaced by the newer Yamaha P Which one worth buying? Polyphony is the amount of computer memory used to create a good piano sound, and just so you know, the average amount of polyphony memory on new digital pianos these days is note polyphony or 4 times as much as casuo Yamaha P35 and 3 times as much as the Casio CDP So by default, the Casio PX ccp-120 “hands down” in that way over the Yamaha P, and cfp-120 is the number one most important thing to look for when buying a digital piano for any price in my opinion Balogh Cxp-120 September 27, at Anonymous July 3, at 8: Syd Baumel October 23, at 2: As begininging as kids, can you please recommend which model will be good to buy?


So before you get a Casio CDP, CDP, or Yamaha P35, consider spending a bit more money on an instrument with a better key action, better pedaling experience, and a more realistic acoustic piano sound.

Future Music Australia – Casio CDP Portable Digital Piano

Please email me direct and I will share with you some new low discount prices available on the pianos you mentioned including the ES7. Belajar Gitar November 1, at 4: The p35 or the cdp ? There have been some upgrades and improvements to this new model and yet the price has not changed. cwsio

Praskins, I have read your comments so would like your suggestion I would really like to go for a kawai ES-7 as you absolutely recomend it, but I guess it is a little bit out of my budget. I was hoping the upgraded Yamaha P would have a better, more realistic key action like the upgraded Casio PX, but it does not. First of all thank you for all the usefull information in your blog, it is really clear, and helps a lot people like me starting to play piano to make the “hard” decision on what to by.

The “half-pedal feature” and the Yamaha P and Casio CDP is also helpful to students as they progress in their skill level. Jaggs September 24, at 1: That digital piano model and price should be fine for a beginner and much better than a keyboard.

Decay time is the amount of time the sound will stay resonating when you press down the sustain pedal after you play a key on the piano. The piano sound, key action, and pedaling control is identical between the two models. Also, the sustain pedal length decay time is somewhat short compared with with the Yamaha P and Casio PX Anonymous January 27, at 8: Anonymous July 28, at 3: Low price does not always equate with the best “deal” either.


Although it’s sometimes good to spend as little money as possible to get a new key digital piano, there are certain things you should know about before you buy in this price range. Either way, the bottom line is CDP A great way to learn how to play is to be able to record your playing one hand or the other and then play it back to hear how you did or to play along with it using the other hand that you did not record.

I want to see everyone learn to play and enjoy piano! Both Yamaha and Casio have upgraded piano models with a lot more polyphony memory and other features for not much more money.

CDP-120 Manual

Im more about sound and recording quality. Would you compare the P35 and CDP key action against each other since this is probably just above our ballpark to stay in? Neither the Casio CDP or Yamaha P35 can do this but the two models above them do have that function digital recording and it’s quite useful and I recommend it to all my students as well as using that function myself when I want to learn or play separate parts.