Perfect for controlling and monitoring devices that use one relay for on and one for off. Most of the automations are not killer apps. Perhaps mine some bitcoin or something using your always-on device. Originally Posted by smoothtlk. I can say from experience here I know more than the dealers on these subjects, why in the world am I beholden to them?

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Building Success with Routines and Rituals. Control4 only works for the passive listener.

Already have an account? They will not give Control4 access to the software so they can write a new driver to automate, all previous versions of firm wear can be controlled by Control4 and no issues so just the latest versions seem to be the issue.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So far as home equipment is concerned, I do have the “Ferrari”, as far as most people are concerned. I got a feeling the integration will be around a remote control with Siri built in; we’ll see how it interacts with HomeKit.

It is not clear to me from that doc – so is there now an API that works with any Infinity system, even if it is several years old, or is this just for newer systems? C4 is not a small developer. This experience is superior to control4 for me.


Help with Automating Carrier variable speed with Control4

I just bought that damn thing. This infiity allows you to view and control the wireless enabled American Standard thermost C4 should have really met with apple folks and cooperated to get deep integration years ago if possible. If that’s you, then I’d suggest not getting a Control4 system.

Craftsman AssureLink Control4 Driver I tend to curate my library add music and delete, sort playlists while I am listening.


Alexa would be able to activate control4 from outside as well but control4 forces you to get the monthly subscription in order to use alexa Control4 Controller Reboot Driver. It is clear that you need a SAM – but why?

I do not want to be argumentative, I am just stating some facts that this is not really Control4’s issue that Carrier, Sonos, etc have their own APIs. High to Low Created on.

Originally Posted by blazar. After everything, I still have to airplay apple music or use the on screen interface on apple TV another app or remote.

Infiity hassle and headache for me is having to use a different music system everywhere I go: Really all you need is the alexa command part, and control4 adds too much latency to the command. The best affordable solution for lo This is obviously made more complicated by amazon music, google music, spotify, pandora and any number of various disparate music streaming ifinity which all run on their own interface.


If all you need to do is control a media room in an iOS environment C4 is likely overkill. Pentagon may be over the top. Seems like a good reason for them to lock it down.

Carrier Infinity with control4 – General Control4 Discussion – c4forums | The Control4 Community

I’ve done some online research and I haven’t seen anything recently about that. Look at how simple remote previously roomie handles apple tv now Are you talking iTunes? I believe there is a native Hue Driver. This level of basics is SUPER useful and therefore the “dream” would be full infintiy within control4.

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