We investigated if this could be some kind of issue with a certain Firmware version but we are not able to find any relation to a firmware version. I know that the device stores a write-protected rollback firmware in case the update procedure goes wrong and to avoid bricking the device. Yes, it was an Avaya PBX in my case. We are out of warranty — unfortunately. I do not have a chance to enter the passcode. For more details see this recent blog article to fully understand how HD video is supported and available in Lync Server

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Based on various comments posted to this article it seems like the command line utility is very finicky and does visha appear to behave consistently.

March 20, at 7: When I execute the first command I am hetting expected result. While some comments mention that case sensitivity seems to make a difference in their results replicating those reports has not been possible; a working command continues to function the same regardless of the case used in switch names e. Also is there any other firmware than 1.

Updating the CX5000 and RoundTable Firmware

November 4, at 5: Tim, what version of firmware is currently on the device? September 26, at 5: September 6, at 2: Please try to reset Polycom device, then check if the issue persist.


Try playing with the case in the second filename path in different formats as it appears the vistta does not like the referece to ‘nk. I have had no luck updating the firmware. Hi Jim, I’m afraid this does not resolve the issue. Typically a write error should just fail and leave the device at its current version.

Updating the CX and RoundTable Firmware : Jeff Schertz’s Blog

No functional changes, but support was added for a hardware change that addressed a part availability issue. That sounds like you might have the wrong software package type as there should be enough space on the device. After an upgrade to version 1. I tried upgrade with different computers Win XP and Win 7. So we were forced to source a new part and it was vidta and more cost effective to deploy p-capable units then risk selecting another VGA-only unit that might also disappear in the cista future.

Have you seen this before? September 5, at 7: As the Polycom guide clearly says: March 31, at May 24, at 6: March 17, at 2: This is not a solution and I dont take any responsibility for your actions.


I was vvista one interesting problem one CX device. However, such a high-end “webcam” like the renewed CX HD should have come out from the factory with adequate onboard DSP resources to compress the RAW stream in realtime in order to bypass the USB2 Mbit limitation, and send 30 already compressed frames per second to the host machine.

CX5000/Roundtable firmware update available

As you already pointed out, the panorama experience remained unchanged, so whats the point? February 20, at 8: July 18, at 4: Other cameras continue cx0500 operate in the same session when ours locks up. But by testing the telephone…no outgoing call is possible. Without PC connection it’s still rebooting.

Hi, has anyone ever seen this issue before? Can someone please inform me how ti wipe data in polcyom.