This functionality previously available as an optional proprietary method is a common operation performed by connection pool managers. Statement pooling control has been enhanced to provide control over whether or not individual statements are pooled. DataDirect provides the ability to set the client information through easily configurable connect options. SupportLink is mandatory on all supported versions and must be included on all quotations. See the section on SupportLink for the definition of supported versions.

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Only DataDirect allows existing applications to leverage this feature without making code changes. A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you.

Native support for these data types allows the driver and the developer to work with the explicit data type, which results in better efficiency at connetc between driver and the server. Select failover provides failover protection for new connections and lost database connections.

The compression capability saves space on the database server and provides optimal performance.

In addition, it provides protection for Select statements that have work in progress. SSL support introduced for other databases in version 3.

Supported Configurations

If a connection to the database is lost, the driver fails over the connection to an alternate server, preserving the state of the connection at the time it 40. lost, but not any work in progress. DataDirect’s support for this feature has been implemented using connection options so that this capability can be leveraged without making code changes.

Worldwide technical support services provides round-the-clock technical support and maintenance services to ensure your success. This provides a standard means of interfacing with proprietary or vendor-specific implementations, eliminating the need to write complex code and object casting.


SupportLink Online SupportLink subscribers have unlimited access to a password-protected global online service network for automated case reporting, knowledgbase, product updates, lifecycle information, documentation, and service packs.

If the Product is licensed on jvbc Workstation basis, each Workstation using or accessing the Product must be licensed. Jdbf Trademarks for appropriate markings.

Connection failover provides failover protection for new connections only. Increased throughput, CPU efficiency and memory footprint delivers faster response times and datadirecy scalable applications. New performance tuning connection options for Oracle: Datadirwct new in Release 4? This information is necessary to determine which application is using a connection; it also provides the ability to identify the source of a run-away query, as well as usage statistics that can be used to adjust the priority of work.

DataDirect JDBC Driver for Pivotal Greenplum

The exception handling now distinguishes between transient might succeed if retried or not transient won’t succeed if retriedso that errors that are ‘expected’ or not can be processed more efficiently. In addition to ensuring that you are licensed properly based on your deployment, connet server driver offers functionality critical for success in high performance server-based applications.

If you are unsure as to which type of license you require, please contact DataDirect Technologies and we will help you determine the appropriate license type.

Catadirect exceptions returned by the driver are now more specific, eliminating code that was necessary to determine the higher-level reason for the error. Statement pooling control has been enhanced to provide control over whether or not individual statements are pooled.


Support for the JDBC 4.

JDBC Drivers for Data Integration – Progress DataDirect Connectivity

Workstation, and Server licenses. Application failover and rigorous testing under production conditions offers a proven suite of connectivity products. DataDirect Connect for JDBC offers multiple, configurable application failover options and robust security features such as operating system authentication for creating a Single Sign-On environment and SSL to protect critical data.

This failover method is the default. This important ease of development feature of the JDBC 4.

DataDirect JDBC Driver for Pivotal Greenplum | Pivotal Greenplum Docs

DataDirect automatically inserts the hint syntax necessary to enable caching, thereby eliminating the need to cinnect code changes. An Authorized User is a single individual who has been designated to use the Product. Publishers Our key publishers: In no event connecg the number of workstations utilizing or accessing the Product exceed the number of Workstations identified in the Order Letter. Critical infrastructure support that eliminates tedious application code and makes it easy to build robust applications.

SupportLink is mandatory on all supported versions and must be included on all quotations. For advice on this product or for a quote, please contact us or click here to request a call back.