Are they clean and well-maintained? Full system clipboard support, I lotl. By theirvery nature, these devices perform specialized tasks for unique applications. Requests for imagine and purchase documentation must be received by April 30, Will those who don’t upgrade be left with “orphan” systems by Commodore and third-part ‘ devel- opers?

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Upgrading from versions 1. Callgari ts a traderrark of Octree Suln. While not officiallv confirmed as of this writing, Commodore has reportedly ceased pro- duction of the A, which had become largely redun- dant with the introduction of the A C, G, and E, and color them in on modej first circle of fifths. The new Amigas have created a formidable low- cost desktop-publishing solution that should at long last allow Amigas to hold their own against more ex- pensive Macintosh systems.

It helps to know the names of the notes on the pi- ano keyboard, because you enter notes in most music programs by clicking on a graphic representation of a keyboard.

Aladdin 4D is the most advanced, flexible and intuitive 3D render- ing and animation software for the Amiga. If you own an A and are thinking about upgrading to the AI to play better games, should you?

Full text of “Amiga World Magazine (March )”

You can change your working environment in Real3D V. Even though the Macin- tosh product line has been split between the old one- bit clisplays and Mac II high-color systems for years, most, software runs on either type of machine, config- uring to the available display.


The jumpers have no effect in mode. One Window, Many Views Aladdin 4D uses a one-editor interface in which you model objects, as well as lay out animation movement. Up to eight samples can be edited per window. Arnica Is a registered trace-narK o! What are die visa of AGA? This makes many repairs as easy as replacing a viista chip.

Works with all Amiga models.

This is very dilferent than Fog used by Aladdin and other programs. Tile A tacks the hardware display enhancer cir- cuitry found on the A, but high-resolution non-in- terlace displays can be generated via the new custom chips.

Stamp the brush 12 times on the screen and save the screen as Blueprint. The AGA chips sup- port a bit color palette, offering you any of If you have made any modifications in these areas, check with the respective manufacturers before buying an accelerator. fiamond


Attach up to 7 other external SCSI peripherals. It’s a premium stereo sound sampler, fast and easy editor, and self-contained 4-track sequencer — all in one!

How worried, say, should Amiga owners be that they’ll own an orphan in two years? So how will you spend your video future— airborne at full thrusters Musical Notes Whether you want to learn to read and write music, develop a keyboard-playing style, or need a selection of MIDI sequences for video and multimedia use, two developers have you covered.


You won’t need it any more! Text processors have long been on the decline, though; most people want to in- visga graphics into their documents.

A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Page and Function Genies actually layout your pages for you and perform all kinds of tasks like table creation, drop caps and more. Commodore and third parties developed external peripherals for the A; because the connector was designed for only a single device, these devices often provide 275 RAM and hard-disk functions.

The AGA revolution, however, is bound to elicit questions, confusion, and even anxiety among Amiga users.

Diamond Multimedia Supra Express 56k Modem W/ Older Mac Serial Connection

Print NLQ test mid graphics at the same time. That depends on sura factors, a few of which we can reliably predict at the moment. Ham-L is a trademark of Black Belt Systems. The editor confronts the issues raised by the new direction taken by Commodore in the devel- opment of the AGA Amiga product line.