If multiple plots have been enabled for a signal, plot selection is accomplished by a mouse click on the plot’s handle or press the Space Bar to toggle selection among all enabled plots. All of these issues are corrected by this update. Mini Plug-Ins – Based on one of the built-in decoders as a pre-parser, simplifying your work. Data can be viewed as a single value or expanded into consecutive bits in Waveform and Tabular views. It does not require any special install or uninstall procedures. Since DigiView Logic Analyzers can capture millions of screens of data in a single capture, powerful search capabilities are a necessity; not a luxury. Hardware Trigger Formula View a.

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The visibility of the secondary waveform view can be toggled by a button on the main application tool bar. Enhanced docking to provide sigi clearly visible dock indicator.

A docked Window is automatically selected for Mouse Wheel commands and Keyboard input as the mouse moves over the window. Markers can be dropped in a view, snapped to the next data change, snapped to the next search result, jumped to from anywhere and sigi with other markers. Auto Search Windows will still use and display the marker assigned to it, but will switch between the Main Marker or its Complement whichever is currently active.

The scroll will occur for the focussed waveform view whenever ag398 Marker selection changes. Additional Measurements will be calculated and displayed in a floating Quick Measurement Window that moves with the mouse and closes as soon as the Middle mouse button is released.


See our EULA for the official statement. In all other windows, the mouse wheel can be used to scroll vertically. Prevented the contents of Tabular Views and Waveform Views from scrolling its contents beyond view and appearing as though it vieq no contents.

Scaling has been corrected throughout the application. This behavior has been modified so that it is no longer neccessary to hold the button.

For All Dockable Windows a.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

User Options defined by a Custom Plug-in are also displayed in its editor. XP only – Corrected the Hardware Buffer indicator.

Dynamic Measurements Select from multiple measurements specific to types of signals and have dibi update and display while moving the mouse over a signal type. Choosing to convert a copy will leave the original project and its capture history files intact. Hold the Control Key when Clicking on one of the ‘Quick Select’ flags to scroll to the position of its complement in the waveform view.

Expanded Search Window Display capability. The values in the column will update when the time of the selected source changes. Box Rowlett, Texas XP only – Corrected the “Link Waveforms” function. If for some reason the drivers are required later, they can be found in the installation directory. Model DV – Changed the hardware behavior when the prefill option is changed.


On previous versions, it was possible to repeat adding a new signal of the same type from the Signal Definitions window by just pressing the Enter key after editing a newly created signal.

With many traditional analyzers and most PC based analyzers, it is cumbersome to analyze the data even when only a few screens are captured. Tool bar position can be set to Auto or manually set to the top or left position using the Window’s local menu.

Correction – Additional, Minor A couple of potential errors were discovered and corrected. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. A new “Reset” feature in each group of Analyzer Options, will reset the configuration to ar398 settings except for Threshold Adjustments, which are updated live. Automatically re-arms and runs after each capture, honoring all buffer, prefill and trigger settings.

The new delete functions are accessible from the Acquisition Options tab and the Capture History Menu.

DigiView™ DV Logic Analyzer

All exisitng DV models can now operate in 2 modes: Any combination of markers can be selected instead of just adjacent pairs. We decode all 4 clock modes and support word widths from 2 to 24 bits. Captures performed with one DigiView model can be converted to a different DigiView model.