This is not conclusive, and in any case the objection only applies if a blow or blows proved fatal before this time for the victor to be crowned. It Is a demand for fltiid to which we should respond. William O Con- nor. Star formation cimtinues in the opaque interior of the cloud as well as within the eroding pillars. Poseidon is invoked to give Agdsias a safe voyage to Syracuse, and to make the poet’s song acceptable. The victory commemorated in this and the following ode was gained b. Particles and radiation from this superheated disk temperature well over!

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LaFarge of Sr- Coinley; retiring president. With or without hlters, I confess that 1 couldn’t see much of thrvse famous facial features. The first of the five triads is introductory, the last is the con- clusion devoted to Diagoras.

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Within seconds il will; send precLu sky positions to astronomers worldwide through the Gamma-ray burst Coordinates Network GtNh which is already well wg-usb. Panslea, show or fancy.

The paratbetio form of comparison see the opening of 0. I Beacon Hilli, umpire, Butler.

The apodosis of this sentence is lost by reason of the long digression w. The recorreut phrases are tripodic ; — There are the same number of feet in both strophe and epode, and four dipodies in each. Yet it is the principle of mutual wf-sb, not diikom sacrifice, that should be emphasised, and much will depend on the dMree to which the Oeminlons recognize that it i.


S, meaning it happened tZ billion years wf-usg, when the universe was only 1. Examples of this cosmological fine-tuning include: Pindar is not averse to parechesis and seems to use the repetition of ir and less often of k for effect.

A very special comfort wa. Pindar shows a strong tendency to place nouns, which can only take the rhythmic stress on an inflected or an inflexional syllable, at either the beginning or end of a verse or a clause, as though he did not consider that the falling of the norma rhythmic stress on such a syllable gives due emphasis to the word.

Many beautiful and useful elec- trical Mpliances have bpan per- fected ttmt not only aava tima’ and labor but also add to the furnishing and deeoration ott the modern li. Eariif Oetember – 3 sjti.

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The withdrawal of gold from the United stages, hp declared, is a process ot redLstribution of Amer- ican gold brought on by. The most distant burst afterglow yet measured had a red shift af 4. The diom itiinuaJ omits a crit’ ica] step in the training sequence, which foiled my initial attempts to train the drive.

But on the second day of the fires there was so much soot- In late August ‘, fire spread aertus much of Sauthem CalirfcMnia. KoXots Mingarelli ; mss. Opus renowned for good government and Pythian and Olympian victories. The structure of the ode is extremely simple, as is generally the case with Pindar’s short odes. Doris Park, 87, 91—; Susie Tblhurst. When men come into the wilder- ness, where life is often a weary burden, where the struggle for existence is strenuous, where the task of keeping body and soul together Is the major preoccupation, it might be expected that the faith of their fathers would be forgotten.


Britain is making some effort to Rprnre more Umber from Empire sources. Diagoras’ sons were celebrated athletes, especially D6rieus cl Cic.

The rhythms employed are mostly so-called epi- trites and dactylic tripodies the last foot being a spondee or a long syllable extended to twice the normal length, or at the end of a verse a long syllable followed by a rest. Large draw- ing-room, sitting-room, dining-room, 5ix bedrooms upstairs, three tMithroomi. Check HKc accompanying tables hr the approximate midtime of each event; an asteroid’s “shadow” generally takes 5 to 15 mimres to sweep aertAS the Earth, As the teat eiplains, path ktcstlons aie urKeitain generally by a few path widths, but updates will heavaitahle on ICirA’s Weh lite inllie days leading up to many of these events.

The- chances of seeing any of them are small because the path uncertainties are as large as the Earth, but some of the best possibilities are given in the Labile on page ]’a4.

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Street, on Thursday afternoon at 2: Chatterer,” Aaid hr scold a. The new policy of the directors is to estebUsh a ladles’ college wltti the hope that It will aeafc ft need In the province. We will arrange for confir- mation, and together wc will publish the discovery, In NAS.