But, if you get in quick, you could get a very cheap MHz digital oscilloscope. Perhaps I have been spoilt by high resolution computer screens but I would have preferred something with more detail. There is a version of the DS series which includes a 16 channel logic analyser. Install the Rigol Ultrascope software. Inside the DSE it is mostly empty space with the switched mode power supply taking up more space than everything else. This is not intended as a criticism of the Rigol but a larger screen with a higher resolution would be much easier to work with. This worked, where downloading the driver from Rigol did not work

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This means that you must select the channel before you can adjust its sensitivity or position on the screen. Because the screen shots recorded on the instrument were so small it is much better to use the Rigol software on your computer to get a screen shot with a useful resolution.

The options selected by the menu system are endless. The build quality is good, the buttons and knobs are slick and, for the most part, everything works perfectly.

IIrrelevant – Rigol DS Series and Windows 7, 64 bit

All these settings are saved and recalled when you turn the instrument on again. The pity is that the fan is really only needed on a very hot day but it runs at full speed all the time. Perhaps I have been spoilt by high resolution computer screens but I would have preferred something with more detail. Then I found your post, followed your steps and everything just worked out. The Fan While on the subject of annoyances I must mention the fan.


Sorry for the English! This is not as bad as it sounds as repeated pressing of the button will get me back to where I want to be but it could have been designed much better. Useability The DSE series is certainly easy to use, the knobs and buttons do what you ueb expect and you can quickly focus on the detail that you are looking for. In the past analogue MHz oscilloscopes needed a floor mounted trolley to carry them and here is something that would actually fit inside a shoebox. Wednesday, April 27, All these numbers are for when one channel is active, when you use two channels they are halved.

Rigol DS Case High Quality Nylon Oscilloscope Case (BAG-DS) ($) : Saelig Online Store

When displayed the menus cover quite a lot of the screen real estate so I find that I am forever pressing the Menu Off button to see the full screen again. U saved me a lot of efforts. Very good… It has a couple of annoyances but it is a joy to use a powerful instrument that you can trust.

Theoretically you can see what channel is currently associated to the knobs by checking the icons on the bottom of the screen but it would have been much better if the appropriate channel select button was illuminated with a different colour.

Rigol mostly manages to do this trick by the extensive use of a menu system that pops up on the right hand side of the screen as ds000 most digital scopes. I skipped this step. But, if you get in quick, you could get a very cheap MHz digital oscilloscope. I haven’t quite figured out the sequence yet so when I press a button to select a channel for adjustment I sometimes find ds100 the menu has popped up or worse, the channel has disappeared altogether.


RIGOL DS1000 Series Oscilloscope

Didnt work for me either: E-mail Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way. The image on the right is a full sized example of a screen dump the purple trace is the maths function showing the difference between the two channels.

I have not used it for long, so this is more of ds10000 first impression rather than an in depth review but hopefully it will prove useful. Mostly the menus and the options are easy to understand but some selections invoke a second menu layer and that can get confusing.

This video will show you what I mean. The issue is that the fan is far more noisy than it should be, about twice as serirs as my computer which has three fans.

PC Software

Windows7 bit, Rigol DSE. A video clip http: The screen grabs below show the two functions in action.

However, just seriez get started, the key features of the instrument are: The Rigol DS series is a hi-tech digital oscilloscope with an exceptional set of features at a price that a hobbyist can afford. Triggering is solid and very precise.