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ECS N2UA – – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra Overview – CNET

Nowadays, it’s mostly black, gray, blue, or the occasional red or white. Quotes are fine, but pasting the entire article in a textpost is not. Shitposts, memes, and plain box pictures are not allowed as linkposts you can still include them within normal posts or comments. Product links are fine, affiliate or referral links that benefit you are not. Yeah, yeah, RGB and all really leaves only black or gray as color options, but why not on the cheaper middle and lower end boards where RGB is omitted or marginalized?


I loved it, it was better than the DFIs. Original articles are always better than a reddit textpost. Not sure about color? Calling the future; preorder your mobo online, and in the color you want. Any other tech support posts will be removed at moderator discretion. Ships direct from the manufacturer to your door.

An oily rainbow sheen?

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Copypasta articles sourced from other websites are not allowed. It changes the surface color of the motherboard at the flick of a switch!


Submit news or links. Use of slurs of any kind, racial, homophobic, or whatever, in any context will result in a ban. Then order your mobo with the new RGB paint! Strawpolls are not allowed.


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ECS N2U400-A – 1.0 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra 400

Rule 6 Use original sources. It was my 3rd amd system and the board saw several several cpus, ram and coolers on it. Eltiegroup died a fiery death a couple of years after I hand it down to my brother. Want that ugly brown mobo of old?

Submit a textpost discussion.