Here’s where it gets tricky. Play games that were released by Nintendo and 3rd party programmer. Oct 21, Far East of Eden. Similar threads with keywords: Furthermore, for some screwy reason, the included USB cable might not work mine was fine, but there have been many reports of this problem. Realtime clock and calendar on, perfect experience for Pokemon and future RTC compatible game, and also ideal for third-party PDA like applications. Volsfan91 Sep 17,

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Faster and higher density flash chips mounted, smooth for all time critical games, no any speed patch needed.

To make matters worse, the help file is not translated at all. If you do decide to have multiple roms, “English Name” allows you to type the name that will show up on arvance loader, but it has a 16 character limitation. Here’s where it gets tricky. As you can see by the second picture, the software is both badly translated and poorly coded.

EZ-Flash 2 Power Star.

Review – EZF-Advance III

Insert your EZFA cartridge into your GBA, and plug the cable into your GBA too, run the client software, then press the select and start buttons of GBA simultaneously and turn it on, zef all the steps are done properly, the client should be connected to your GBA, then you can operate your cart via the client software. Plug the cable on the USB port of your computer and install the cable driver following the instructions on your Esf, when done, unzip and copy the Windows client software to any directory you like.


Writer is small and lightweight, and no other power source is required – USB port powers the unit.

Review – Advance Wars: It is possible to have multiple save files on the cartridge, though. Yes, my password is: Faster and higher density flash chips mounted, smooth operation for all time critical games, no speed patch needed.

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See for yourself – compare our old and new EZFAdvance packaging. Software To give you an idea of what the software is like, let’s start with a picture. Similar threads with keywords: New drivers come with easy install software installer so making it very easy to install. Do you already have an account? After that, you select the roms you put in with the select button. Hardware Support for all Save Game types: There is, however, a bankswitching problem that comes into play. When the oii opens on the GBA, it will normally say “x Games in 1”, with “x” being the number of games on the cart.

The reason for this is that it joins all the roms into one before flashing the cartridge, such that only this program and the loader can tell them apart. The latest and the most advanced game boy rom backup device.


And M, M and M cart capacity available. Fastest data transfer rate in market, only 42s needed for reading or writing a 64M game. Performance Once you put some roms axvance the cartridge, it is time to give it a test run. Only the first one can be written by the computer, but you can choose a “Save Position” for each rom. The drivers must be downloaded from the internet.

does EZ-Flash 3 = EZF Advance III? – EZ-Flash USA Forum

This unique feture anables you to play gba demos and small emulated nes, sega game gear, pc engine and spectrum roms without a gba fash card! EZF Advance has been developed based on experience on EZ, it is a completely new design, not compatible with EZ, it has many enhancement on details, so it made more perfect. You then press Wri.

The “Clear SRAM” button crashes the program, the “Logo Select” button supposedly allows you to choose a picture for the logo, but instead makes it look garbled. EZflash II set was and is one of the best gba backup devices ever made but we found a way to make it even better. FAST Oct 24,