Though because of where I live I notice I don’t have to worry about some of the issues a lot of mainland 1st gens do I live in hawaii, so never gets cold, nothing is too far away, tradewinds always going. Find More Posts by DerrickS. I remember that car the way I remember my favorite dog from childhood. I’ve been daily driving my ’79 with no problems for almost a year now. What a Difference a Grille Makes?

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What a Difference a Grille Makes?

Find More Posts by scottj Tires are an exception. The following errors occurred with your submission. Oh yeah, it’s got cruise as well. So, as a commuter option, the SE is best, with more comfort and civility.

I loved it, tx7 it was a money pit. Which is better, the RX8 or the Z? Ask New Question Sign In. Find More Posts by Attila the Fun. Changing to Ra will result in decreased cooling performance unless you upgrade the other components in the system. Visit Attila the Fun’s homepage!

Which is better, RX8 or RX7 (in daily usage, drift, races, etc.)? – Quora

Did full sound proofing. Find More Posts by dream36realms. What was least durable about these cars was the resistance to corrosion, which made the bodies almost as biodegradeable as those of GM carts of the same era. I never drive on highways either, where i live, so that factors in as well. One caution, all rotaries smell, especially relative to the exhaust of new cars.


Curbside Classic: Mazda RX-7 – The Truth About Cars

I have an acquaintance with gb 13B-T Turbo FC motor in an SA22, the thing is fast as shit and loves boost like a heroin addict, unless you are lucky and can find a cheap 12A Turbo for cheap. I think it had a rev limiter that kicked in at mph, but we would hit that frequently on Iowa two lane.

Remove threats and optimize your Chrome with military-grade tech. I drove it to work and it caught on fire. Suzuki sold a dx7 engine bike, the RX With the small rear suicide doors, you actually can get 2 adults in the back.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Just a bit of trivia. Like so much else, it depends.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. You might want to change to larger diameter wheels or be forced to use skinny tires.


One cool thing about the rotary and the FB in particular is that it is quite amenable to hot-rodding. Receive r7 on the best of TheTruthAboutCars. I remember Rx-7 newsgroups and such on the internet yeah, it was some years ago pretty much accepted that a new engine was amile maintanance item.

Its torquey long-stroke four was never caught flat-footed. I take my withmiles on the original 13B–on an mile round trip a couple times a month, and don’t think twice about it.

Related Questions What are the pros and cons of the RX7 car? Las Cruces, NM Posts: But the featherweight rotary tucked down low and back in the RX-7 compartment resulted in a perfect weight distribution. Sure Racing Beat makes stuff, but it is still a car designed in the 70’s.