Stuart Original Message From: Removing A Memory Card Gutsy is the latest stable release, but Hardy Heron the one I mentioned in my original answer is due to be released in April of this year. Replacing The Hard Drive Kit Setting Up And Getting Started

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Hi, I don’t know whether this answer will be much good to you, but it might help!

You have to go buy new hardware Removing The Keyboard Checking Out Your Gateway Notebook Regards, Stuart Original Message From: Regulatory Compliance Statements Chapter5 Managing Jx3414 Sitting Gateeay Your Notebook Changing The Power Plan Removing A Memory Card Protecting From Power Source Problems Hi, Is it possible whether you could send me the output from lspci, lsmod, and ndiswrapper -l?

Adjusting The Volume Using The Optional Multimedia Panel For your information, the network card included in my setup was an RTL, and I used a program called ndisgtk or something like that, I can’t remember the exact title at present to originally install the windows driver.


Maintaining Your Notebook No assignee Edit question Solved by: Maintaining And Upgrading Your Notebook Hi again, Sounds like another problem I had! Someone should really create a program that does nothing but check your system for compatibility, make recommendations and have an active list probably some kind of download of “”FOR SURE” hardware that is supported”- organized by category.

Inserting A Cd Or Dvd Using The Optional Fingerprint Reader Gateway Contact Information Sorry about not being completely clear.

If you decide to try installing Hardy, please be aware that, although its fairly stable by now, it’s still undergoing testing. Hope this answer is of some use efhernet you!

Important Safety Information Replacing The Hard Drive Kit Adjusting The Brightness Running The Touchstrip Tutorial Is it possible whether you could send me the output from lspci, lsmod, and ndiswrapper -l?

Ubuntu Edit question Assignee: Does it only show wired network? Before Etjernet Gateway Customer Care Using The Memory Card Reader