Stian, This is the only reason. Indeed, if you have the bad habit of bending your upper body forward and down during the downswing as you head into impact, you are increasing the likelihood of skying your shots when the ball is sitting up in the rough. April 21, Paul Wilson Log in to Reply. With a great leg drive, your swing plane should flatten out with the driver , and those pop up shots should be a thing of the past. You can do this drill at home, or at the golf course — it’s up to you.

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You should take your normal stance, and swing your arms back as you would regularly except you aren’t holding a club. Correcting Your Tee Height. Click here to get access. When you limit your shoulder turn, your arms can’t swing as far, and the backswing will come up shorter as a whole. This will cause the golf ball to hit the top of the golf club rather than the middle of the club face in the sweet spot. Paying close attention to the way your upper body rotates around your hips and not allowing the angle to move should bring the club back to the ball at impact, and should help shield you from skying shot issues.

As a rule, the perfect tee height depends on the depth of the club face. Even if it only happens once in a while, skying the driver is never a good experience. Instead of producing a fat shot, the clubhead will proceed to travel underneath the ball and will catch it on the top line or the crown of the club.


How To Stop Skying The Ball

The great thing about working on tightening up your backswing is that this improvement won’t just help you stop skying the driver — it will help your game across the board. Is the head ahead of the ball the only reason for skied shots or skyng there be other reasons?

In connection to the ball sitting up in the rough situation presented above, failing to keep your upper body angle constant throughout the swing can lead to sky shots.

Stian, This is the only reason. All of the instruction below is based on a right handed golfer. August 12, wkalaidjian Log in to Reply. Having the ball too low to the ground on a driver swing is even worse than having it too high, so you need to learn how to strike a perfect balance. In golf a sky shot occurs when the clubhead hits the ball near its bottom pole which sends the ball high into the air but not much forward.

So before I skyiny this tip, I started looking at the back of the ball through my swing and what a difference. I truly appreciate it. Once you identify the cause, get down to work as soon as possible so you can start correcting your technique and rebuilding your confidence.

The following scenarios can explain why a sky shot occurred and may help you pinpoint the specific cause. Indeed, in all instances the bottom of the swing arc will be too low relative to the position of the ball.

In reality, there jy a number of potential causes for this frustrating mistake.

Next, make a pretend golf swing without a club while your sto; holds the club against the outside of your right knee. June 11, Paul Wilson Log in to Reply. In order to shorten your backswing and improve your swing as a whole, you are going to need to put in some serious practice time on the range.


Stop Skying The Ball Forever

Doing so will raise the bottom of the swing arc and will promote a cleaner hit at the ball. Problem – When hitting wood shots off the tee, the ball hits the top of the golf club and shoots up into the sky producing no distance and accuracy.

Make sying few practice ‘swings’ without a club using this drill, and then return to hitting shots as normal. Paul, This tip has cured my over the top. Only when you are sure you have figured out what is going wrong can you move on to making the fixes required. The nice thing about doing this drill at the golf course is that you can do it for a couple of minutes and then transition right into hitting balls.

After all, you will tee the ball up highest when hitting a driver shot, meaning there is more room akying the club head to slide under the ball. It is okay to have your leg straighten up slightly as you turn, but it is not okay to have that knee sliding away from the target.

They don’t need to push it against your knee, but there should be enough pressure so that you can feel the presence of the club.