For another AVR use please another simple programmer – for example from http: And USB is now nothing “unknown” for me from the physical level to end user application. Delivery is fast, cash on delivery in Russia , or delivery is possible in Chelyabinsk face-to-face. So for device installation are necessary only two files “IgorPlug. Name of this driver is “IgorPlug. I will provide binaries in the next days. Notify me of new posts via email.

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You can increase the resistors from 68R up to R. In case of problems with downloads – visit my mirror: But I cannot get this to wor in EventGhost.

Use internet payment for ordering registered version of software: And of course various internet sources. Hi, i also have the problem Eventghost gets different commands each time i am pressing the same button on remote. According this way I want to remove problems with payment – igorolug users will be buying from internet shops of local vendors in your country.

linux/igorplugusb.c at master · git-mirror/linux · GitHub

I really would love to tryout a new version if this is gone. Problem appears mainly on notebooks and new computers. This slightly changes the installation procedure, because it needs another filter driver.


For another AVR use please another simple programmer – for example from http: I will provide binaries in the next days. Actually, I think two bytes are lost, one in the middle and one at the end.

There are other drivers this one for examplebut they never worked reliably for me. There is only one limitation of this “free” version – DLL library shows information window during the first run functions is the same. So Many Thanks to all for help.

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The microprocessor and the “unsuccessful” too I has bought in GM-electronic. Each USB command takes min.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Do you know IgorPlug? There exist microcontrollers with highest speeds too, but they are poorly available price too and are biggest more pins – difficult construction. Please log in to post comments. DEF file with proper names and set VC to use it to get proper working lib. I used your new v1. Fill in your ush below or click an icon to log in: For vendors, which want to sell complete product: So there is rule – if there is something free only per voluntary – no wait from anybody.


Thanks for reporting the issue! If you are interested, you can grab the source code and experiment with it.

IgorPlug-USB and Windows 7 x64 | 0xef

It provides valuable guidance for all customers regarding research work, essay and dissertation writing. Do you have the Visual Studio redistributable x86 installed? Compiled the iforplug myself results same failure.

Currently, I am using Windows 10 x64, and unfortunately, the original driver that came with IgorPlug-USB does not work with the bit edition of Windows.

Igorplyg installation is finished: I will immediately grab your rss because i are not able to to discover ones mail monthly subscription url or e-newsletter company. Is it not a driver for win7 that is required?