Oh, and Cubase 6 just started, new to me. Well, actually, Plan B kind of fell apart as well. Elantric on March 13, , Switch and expression pedal inputs. It seems very solid and works just as it’s supposed to. Our Verdict It has a few curious drawbacks, but the Stealth Pedal has it where it counts: The pedal is very solid in build although the volume knob is positioned rather dangerously and offers enough resistance to make for precise manipulation – it feels ‘right’.

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See this thread for traditional methods pddal Guitarists to control Ableton Live https: NI Audio Kontrol bests it by about 10 ms.

It’s a lot of worryingly old code running in the background. Elantric on April 01, I went there during install and a folder called “drivers” is created there, but disappears as soon as the installer failed. You will still get an error, but this time, the files are there, and you CAN launch the program.

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I thought before it was my Windows bit install, so I upgraded to Windows 10 64bit. Let it fail, files disappeared, but I had’em pasted.

This topic This board Entire forum Google. Same issue, but this time I tried to disabled the UAC, and installed with the pedal unplugged.


IK Multimedia • Stealth Pedal & Windows 10

I would get a pop-up saying Installed failed, setup is quitting. It’s the work of an evil genius, or possibly an entire consortium of evil geniuses. Has this been resolved?

Except it pedao to not suck. And at this point I can’t risk breaking the thing, of course. Does anyone have a workaround for this!? Back to the drawing board. Plan D is in the works.

I am running Amplitube 4 MAX. You basically hear and feel each of the gears turn over as the pedal moves, and because the box itself is pretty resonant, it’s surprisingly distracting. Time to read the return mltimedia Well, actually, Plan B kind of fell apart as well.

I probably could have run the hub with an AC adapter, but I’d been trying to avoid that requirement from the beginning. You can save your mappings as presets and map the volume knob, too. The driver wouldn’t install giving failed error.


Oh, and Cubase 6 just started, new to me. The four main ins and outs are all capable of balanced operation, and there’s also an output level knob and a switch that’s activated by pressing down hard on the pedal like the bypass on a real wah.

There’s one limitation that’s common to both the ‘direct’ X-Gear control and MIDI mode, stealht is that you can only assign one parameter per control – so you can’t use the pedal to increase an AmpliTube’s amp gain while turning down the reverb level, for example.


No matter what I try, I cant get the drivers to take. I sometimes wonder why I torture myself by buying things Skip to content IK Multimedia.

IK Multimedia

The price, of course, will be the main issue for most prospective buyers, as it ain’t cheap, and while the included AmpliTube products add a lot of value, if you’ve already got them, or they’re not the exact ones you want, you may feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth.

I saw it at 3 NAMM shows before it ever shipped, but it tripled in cost, and the drivers were complete junk. Authentic rocker pedal action. So before I decide whether to send it back for a refund, or try try again with a replacement, or maybe just accept its flaws and keep it, I need to know whether this is common to the design, or whether I got a defective unit.