The 3d and 2d engines are managed by the pipeline preprocessor allowing them a sustained flow of graphics data. The Intel was not high end, but it is almost next gen architecture and has to challenge the best of last year. After all, the chip in control of 32bit AGP addressing can use up to 2GB of write combined system memory. Another successor that was ultimately cancelled in September was the GPU code-named Capitola to be used in conjunction with the similarly ill-fated Timna processor. The AGP Texture concept soon proved to be a tremendous error in design, because the card had to constantly access the textures over a channel that was upwards of eight times slower than RAM placed on the graphics card itself.

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Only few i cards made it into wild, making them super rare. But it is using only sixteen bit data bus, half of AGP width graphcis sideband addressing ability is lost as well. Not that many were sold and nowadays are valued by collectors. It turned out i is not about performance leadership, but mid-range cost effectiveness.

Tue Jun 30, 8: The texture unit not only has a texel cache for fast filtering, but also for both texture coordinate and blending data. The Intel supports, and with Starfighter drivers can even enforce, anti-aliasing AA. Especially when you are named Intel. Last edited by Scrotos on Mon Jun 29, 3: A couple of years later, the OEM went out of business Quantex.


Despite all the image intel40 praise I have some doubts about subpixel accuracy of i Proper texturing in MDK requires chroma key blending.

Don’t get your hopes up, framerate effectively drops to one third, but it is a step in right direction compared to the Riva Mon Jun 29, 8: I was excited about them at the time. Just remember the lesson of i The original Larrabee project comes to mind.

Intel and Real3D did their best to exploit AGP possibilities and deeply buffered the pipeline to hide host latencies. However, the i was cancelled before release, and the i was released in intel470 quantities before it too was withdrawn, having shown only a marginal performance increase over its predecessor.

Also, I could not get first Motoracer bilineary filtered with last driver.

Intel – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Intel alos offered other products for graphics workstations like RapidCAD but these were just DX with crippled integer performance. Z-buffer precision was reduced to 16 bit logarithmic. There almost isn’t any and my test machine is using Duron processor, which should access main memory fairly often due to its small L2 cache.


And of course Intel had its massive OEM channels. It’s good to know the graphice was a little rosier than I thought, and hilarious to know it was benchmarked on a Duron. If only people looked at the card. I remember them graphis “meh” for 3D performance, but okay otherwise.


It required special bridge chip emulating AGP texturing ingel740 on-board memory, since i can only work with AGP aperture. Mon Jun 29, 5: It had a good feature set too.

In Direct3d AGP cards are trading blows, on average performance is equal.

I tested the green one, but there is no real difference. Real3D had an early brush with success, providing chipsets and overall traphics to Segawho used it in a number of arcade game boards, the Model 2 and Model 3. Intel also sold the i to 3rd party companies, and some PCI versions of the accelerator also were made.