Like I have connected one Zigbee module with Arduino which is getting data of sensors and sending date to other Xbee which is connected with computer. If you can tell me any possible way to get this output signal from Labview ether logic 1 or 0 I will know exactly what to build! Most Active Software Boards: The reason for doing this is that serial terminal programs like HyperTerminals are pretty flexible and can be used to iron out hardware issues like cabling. Connecting labview to xbee Xbee Please let me know how you get on. One way uses arduino where labview sends data to arduino and arduino in return sends data to Din pin of xbee which ultimately gets transfered to the receiving xbee.

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Interfacing Zigbee with Labview VIA RS – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Well is there any labvies of using that control to ouput the logic signal to the real world? Message 10 of The communication has already been configured as per the manual. I also want to do exactly the same thing except for one tweek:. As an aside, XBee works great with LabVIEW some modules can just pass straight serial datayou still need a microcontroller or something to decode it though.


Hope you are well.

I think I am going to ignore XBee for now because it is expensive and know there are much cheaper ways to implement what Zigbe simply want to do. SO what do you guys suggest and feel on this? Sorry for my late reply. I’m just having trouble figuring out how to implement it into LabView. Hello i am working on a project and we want to transmit an image using ZigBee.

Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Create a Wireless Monitoring and Control System

Message 3 of You zifbee like in labview we can drag and drop controls onto the frontpanel and use this in programs to control stuff. I found this article very useful http: Message 4 of Simple example of what I want to do: Technical Support Services Support services to meet any need. Then you worry about your program.

We created a WMCS for utility companies to remotely communicate with energy meters and other devices without human intervention. Most Active Software Boards: Learn more about our privacy policy.

Via Labview I press switch on. E Product Performance Engineer Dyson. Will it all be compatible?

This person lsbview instead used the transmitter side which is controlled via a microcontroller preprogrammed. Just forget that there is a radio there at all and think of it as a Cabled connection.

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I am still heavily interested and will get back to you soon, once things calm a little down with the work load I have at the moment.

Designing a wireless monitoring control system WMCS for an electrical distribution network using low-power frequency communication. Please log in or register to add a comment. This guy has successfully communicated two ZigBee modules without a PC involved.

I think a good way to comunicate with the XBee module would be through Arduino micro controller. Okay – well we used the terminal program that came off of the Zigbee website and we’ve labvjew one of them in to a MC9S12 and got them to talk to each other without a computer.

ZigBee Measurement Suite by MaxEye Technologies – National Instruments

There’s a fair number of hits regarding Zigbee on the NI site. Having 2 Zigbees talk to labviea other is of no use to you. If yes, how please.