LP55xx common driver supports the firmware interface. For example, run blinking pattern in engine 1 of LP I will fix that and merge into my tree. Select which engine is used for running program. Inside the callback, the selected engine is loaded and memory is updated. Ex 2 Engine 2 and 3 are used at the same time.

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Program memory for running LED patterns. Channels have linx names: Direct firmware load for lp failed with error -2 I have absolute no idea why this is happening.

Question about cleaning up the LP5521/5523 LED driver

So it not working on 3. Fri, 8 Nov If the current is set to 0 in the platform data, that channel is.

You signed in with another tab or window. LP55xx chips have three program engines.

Led driver support for LP and LP chips []

On Friday 25 October Sign up using Email and Password. Each engine can control channels without interaction from the main CPU. Then predefined led pattern s can be executed via pl5521 sysfs. Create LED class devices for multiple output channels. For example, run blinking pattern in engine 3 of LP By using our site, you acknowledge that you lp55521 read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


On Tuesday 19 November There are two ways to run LED patterns. I’ve been asked to try to change the blinking pattern of the controller from the command line and to play in general with the LP to get familiar with it.

You signed out in another tab or window. To start blinking patterns in engine 2 and 3 simultaneously. Thanks, -Bryan — To unsubscribe from this list: Thanks for your help. More details of the instructions can be found from the public data sheet.

Here is another example for LP Program memory address access for running patterns. As soon as ‘loading’ is set to 0, registered callback is called. Inside the callback, the selected engine is loaded and memory is updated.

Please refer to commits below. Additional device specific attributes. It can be a problem when a pattern is loaded via the firmware interface.

Ex 2 Engine 2 and 3 are used at the same time. The driver should update not whole 8bits but each engine bits by masking.


linux/leds-lptxt at master · git-mirror/linux · GitHub

Control the selected engine. It measures each channel. On Fri, Oct 25, at