Choose the correct Hard Drive from any list if there is more than one of that type. To install your operating system on a new SATA hard drive you are going to This is a disc you need to create using the test. Go to Microsoft’s download site and download SP3 see resources. If you have more questions than what is covered in the above guide please refer to the link below for more information. Unless there is a way to load the SATA drivers after the fact, but in all honesty it has been years since I have had to work with boards like that.

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After the registry patch on the new install, the administrative tools disk management appeared willing to partition the maksdisk.exe discovered extra space. This guide is ok if you have a floppy drive, otherwise you can integrate the drivers into the actual CD using this guide witha tool called Nlite.

Ideally I would like to be able to dual boot maksdisk.exe two, but although windows on the ide drive can see the SATA drive and quite happily reads and writes.

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Once your disc is ready and you want to create your SATA drivers disc you will xata to take the Master CD that came with your motherboard and put it into your system.

I wasted my time reading your article which can not help me. Since we are going to be adding new hardware to the system make sure your computer is powered off, with the AC power cable disconnected from the system to prevent and possible hardware damage or injury while working inside the case.


Congratulations you have now installed you SATA hard drive into your system.

7 creating a floppy with raid driver | Asus SK8V User Manual | Page /

Copy makedissk.exe downloaded file, test. You will also need access to another system with Windows already installed so you can run your motherboard CD and create your drivers disk. Please be sure to follow each step of the guide if you are running into issues getting your computer to identify or install onto your new SATA hard drive.

Thank You in advance for your input! ASUS er maar op aan dat ze hun downloads een duidelijkere naam moeten geven. Can’t I just copy them to the root of a floppy instead of using test.

I remove the floppy and the PC reboots. Insert the makedisk.exr disc when you see the screen go black right before the installation process. From this point you can move to the second portion of our guide that will walk you through how to use your SATA drivers disk during the Windows installation process.

After 5 years one of the drives died and so I lost all the data. Can anyone help me? Select an open drive bay within the system and mount you new hard drive maoedisk.exe the case.

Join the community here. Every time it sais to insert manufacturer setup disk.

7 creating a floppy with raid driver – Asus SK8V User Manual

This guide is broken into the following sections which can be found below: They are as follows: Nov 8, at 9: Log in or Sign up. Strange, what you are describing reminds me of an issue that was more prevalent several years ago involving a gb — gb limitation with older versions of Windows circa Windows In this case we have found the program in this directory and do not need sara dig any further unless makevisk.exe were installing under some type of special circumstances. Existing drives within a laptop are, as a rule, pretty easy to remove from most laptops.


Which I sta wanna do. The first thing you will need to do is put the motherboard CD that came with your mainboard into your system.

Installing Windows XP On a SATA Hard Drive – Custom PC Blog

So, how do you create this floppy drive gladly I have a second machine with a floppy? You can makedisj.exe a RAID driver disk using test. Look for a file called test. To install your operating system on a new SATA hard drive you are going to This is a disc you need to create using the test.

Note that a combined copy and resize will take longer than a Straight Copy.