The default is 60 seconds. The selected radio button is the current setting. Locate the file system e. It provides two stacked RJ45 ports at the rear of the chassis. If the connection fails, a dialog box is displayed to indicate an error condition.

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If so, it is recommended that you install the service partition files onto the existing system partition.

Electronics Bay The electronics bay, shown in the two figures below, consists of the following: The figure below shows the screen that is displayed when a User Name qutpec-1000 selected and then the Edit button is clicked. With this option, you can launch a specific application without adding it as a boot option.

MAXDATA QutePC?1000 User Manual

Command Length Terminal mode messages are limited to a maximum length of a characters. Not present Only the displayable FRUs are in the list. REC file onto the CD. Selecting this option displays qurepc-1000 active boot devices, including a possible integrated shell. Chassis always powers up when power is restored When power is reapplied, the server will power up.

Setup and Configuration Connection Mechanism Two types of connection mechanisms are supported as follows: Set the options on the modem maxdataa mode to the desired states for your application. This section details the serial redirection scheme.


MAXDATA QutePC? Product guide |

The video sub-system implements 8 MB of nanosecond onboard video memory. Up to eight page destinations can be configured; the Dial String column displays Not Configured for any entry that has not been configured. To clear the CMOS using the jumper on the main board follow these steps: To maintain adequate cooling for system components, the swap process must be completed in two-minutes.

It allows any of the boot option parameters to be set, not just the boot flags. After configuring the Alert Policy information, click Save to complete this sub-task.

A detailed description of the commands is available on the EFI website. Yes Saves your changes and exits the utility.

The LED is amber and turns on if a system fan failure occurs. Each file that meets this criterion can be automatically added as a boot option.

Run Setup to view or modify such server board features as: The server system supports several high availability features, such as hot-swap and redundant power supply modules, maxadta and redundant fans for cooling, and hot-swap hard drives.


QutePC Series – Quanmax

The BMC returns a string of the following format: Launch HyperTerminal by clicking on the Start button in the task bar. REC from disk quyepc-1000 memory.

Enable Terminal Mode This check box enables or disables terminal mode. If the redundant power supply fails, the system fans will not be affected. The Resource CD menu program begins running automatically and displays a splash screen followed by the main menu. The DC output specification for the power supply is met by two power supply modules operating in the power bay. It is a notification flag only, it is not a resource lock. During the memory test, POST displays the amount of memory it is able to access and test.

Front Panel Board Layout A. Software that bypasses this handler does not receive redirected keystrokes.