Yeah Yeah Yeahs answer your questions. Person of the Year Luke Howard – More Heart Stories. Steve George has been the bass player since A year later, he moved on to guitar to improve his bass style and start to write songs. We’ve always had to do that from Raise onwards.

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They’re spread across several continents.

Mick Quinn Supergrass db band portrait by Andrew Ogilvy Photography

How long did it take to write the album up to that point? After the show I remember him saying to me being in a band is a mug’s game.

I think if you were to ask our fanbase most would probably say Raiseand while it has a swerveriver charm about it, for me it’s also quite flawed in places. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And then they kind of formed Shake Appeal and did that whole band.

Mick Quinn – Wikipedia

We definitely got buried under Britpop. What’s it been like playing intimate venues again? The last time we toured before we broke up we went on the road with a band called Powderfinger and covered a lot more ground.


They’re just recycling old Spacemen 3 riffs which have already been through a 13th Floor Elevators filter.

Lubomyr Melnyk – Fallen Trees. There wasn’t a college radio scene in the UK either, so you were very reliant on getting a review in Sounds, NME or Melody Maker just to get your band’s name out there. You want genuine creativity really.

You tend to find that a lot of backwater towns like Stroud often throw up some of the most memorable gigs because the audiences are up for it more as they don’t get swervsdriver see that many touring bands.

We decided to take a three month break that turned into six months then ended up moving to different parts of the world and became involved with other projects. The Stranglers bass is just incredible. I dunno, not really a favorite.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs swervediver your questions. Not just by the media but also Creation Records because Oasis had just broken through.

They had to bring loads more people on board just to deal with Oasis.

Interview with Mick Quinn!!!! – IamDooms

For more information on Swervedriver visit their Bandcamp page. We wanted to tour the last album but for one reason and another it didn’t really happen.


You can’t blame them really. I was about 15, I guess. There’s a few off the first album we’ve left out because I think it’s been overplayed recently.

It was also the first time I played an electric guitar plugged in.

Interview with Mick Quinn!!!!

But then it’s all filtered through Jimmy and Steve’s sensibilities as well. This time we decided to go to a few more places. I did Beat Seeking Missiles for a while, and that was quite cool.

It really worked for us in terms of raising our adrenalin for the new album. Well more directly at it, this gig came along last second.

I thought to myself I HAD to at least try and get swegvedriver interview done. And even then there’s always going to be similarities. I think it’s an interesting concept playing an album from start to finish. Did you consider reforming the first incarnation of the band, particularly for the Raise shows? So that became the album and the recording happened very quickly.