Would your code be compiled only in C32 compiler? If you can do that, you can post it here as an attachment, or email me privately. Hi Dave and thanks for the code. Thanks very much for posting this. If you get it working, please post the PIC18 version for others to use.

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Don’t get me wrong, the MiWi stack is great but sometimes it is just so much easier to start with the basics when sending a packet from Microchop to B is all you need.

Simple driver code for Microchip MRF24J40 radio (now available)

I don’t expect it’s very difficult, micrlchip it does require some familiarity with how the PIC18 and C18 work. It includes definitions for special function registers and more. And my C knowledge rario not to deep so i had never used some syntaxes used in this code. Maybe someone has tried to get this working on ATMega32? This code is much, much simpler than MiWi P2P but it doesn’t have all those features, either.

I did get the SPI hardware without interrupts to work. Here is what I did. I realized that it should not be too hard now.


MRF24J40MA Radio Transceiver Module

I’m very glad you got it working and that the code was useful to you. Thanks very much for posting this.

Would you mind posting the code as ported to the PIC24, so that other people using the PIC24 can start from your version? My changes are hacky and somewhat application specific so I won’t post them yet, and it’s been a couple miccrochip months since I did the changes, so I may not recall everything, but here’s a quick off-the-top-of-my-head list: I wonder where I would have been today trying to mcirochip through the the MiWi code. I am just trying to establish a fully functioning base after which I can modify your code to suit my application.

Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected? I have set up one to send data and one to receive.

However, the receiver side never receives anything. This gives ppl like me a helping hand in developing their project on your rwdio. Not much is changed in the actual driver files. Cheers, –Dave –Dave http: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? If you can do that, you can post it here as an attachment, or email me privately.

Simple driver code for Microchip MRF24J40 radio (now available) | Microchip

Ofcourse it needs two to actually work. Make sure that you include GenericTypeDefs. Made a new project stating PIC18f as a microcontroller in project wizard in C18 compiler.


Microchhip you have any simple code for PIC18?

MRF24J40MA Radio Transceiver Module

I do know of one person who said she was porting it to the PIC18, but I don’t know how that came out. Can you post the changes you made? The main changes as you say are in hardware.

Make sure that RadioStatus. Please post here if you’ve got any questions.

It also turns out that I can not use the micfochip number directly to check for duplicates since the transmitting device is battery operated and only wakes up once every 15 minutes. Although I have been able to port it to an Explorer16 board so it does look promising. All I wanted to see is ‘successful compilation’ with the tools I have. Would your code be compiled only in C32 compiler?