The maker’s were helpful who informed me that the ‘initial release’ didn’t have this feature but the ‘latest version’ does. I had to build a Windows XP virtual machine so they could run it under Windows 7 other than that under Windows 10 you might have to forget them. Supplementing the lighting drops the noise but subjects with fine detail aren’t ideal for it. Gently inserting one and then two thicknesses of stiff plastic card prised them apart but the stage plastic is brittle so requires caution. At 60x and x d.

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The capture of images is very easy with one click of the mouse or using the button on the microscope.

Digital Blue Qx5 Computer Microscope for Parts Only

The bottom light isn’t strong enough at x for best results but a modification can significantly improve them. The latest Digital Blue microscope, the QX5, merges the microscopic and digital worlds into one complete unit. I have windows The pixel and resolution ratios have been balanced in order to provide as clear an image as possible, no matter what the magnification power is. To improve the bottom light the built-in stage diffuser needs to be removed.

The QX5 lets users view and manipulate images with their computer, offering hours of fascinating fun for both kids and adults.


In the show, they always have some really cool centrifuge, DNA sequencer, or HPLC chromatography machine that they use to help with their sample analysis. Users can create digital images and time-lapsed films at these magnifications with a built in video and digital camera. You can still remove the unit from the slide-cradle, but still have to maintain the USB connection in handheld mode.

Notes on its use both as a toy, and with modification, its potential as a cheap imaging route for the microscopy enthusiast. The brightness control doesn’t alter lamp intensity but presumably the gain of the sensor. Fun with a QX5 digital microscope.

Type ‘QX3’ into search box. For the youngster expressing a particular interest in prepared slides and higher mags, a student compound optical microscope which sell in a similar price range q5x offer superior results. Can you help, please? Rating out of 5: Click each bee leg image to view video capture master. No longer available at Amazon. Thanks for the help.

Digital Blue Microscope – The QX5 and the QX3 from Intel

Line 1 using built-in LED bottom light, has a blue cast, structured background and lack of light at x mocroscope noisy images. Digiblue QX5 microscope drivers. Santonin crystals, prepared slide, NBS. Digital Blue has a reputation of creating products that capture the imaginations of children and teens, introducing them to fun and exciting worlds like microscopy.

Using different lighting techniques it is possible to get amazingly good performance out of the QX5 microscope. As for the QX3 the objectives are protected from fingers and dust by a replaceable flat plastic plate. Overall, the QX5 is a well-justified investment for your children and teenagers.


In handheld mode, kids micriscope magnify anything within the reach of the USB cord, which must remain plugged into the computer. We can buy the fruits in season, and the leaves are available all year round, mostly already cut up.

Designed to introduce children to the world of microscopy, the Digital Blue Microscope melds learning with fun. It also enables a mix of top and bottom lighting to be used where micorscope. Transmitted illumination using light box not the built-in light.

Instead, it has a sensor which digitizes the image and output that data to a computer for display.

The QX3 was a decent, entry-level computerized microscope for children that had many software issues Intel could not overcome. The QX5 should respond to similar lighting upgrades.

Works well for top lit subjects at all mags or bottom lit at 10x and 60x. The limitations of using an offset LED and coarse microsope is especially apparent at x mag.